The Food Guide 2017 with expert reviews.

The Food Guide 2017 with expert reviews.

There are 172 restaurants recommended in this year’s edition of The Advertiser’s food guide, where the most FANTASTIC 55 restaurants, cafes and bars were listed The SAWEEKEND magazine NOV 2016.

The Food Guide 2017 SA with expert reviews gave 7.5 points out of 10 to the Chefkim.

If you want to explore Korean food that goes beyond the ubiquitous fried chicken and DIY barbecues, get to this humble eastern suburbs restaurant. Chef Kim has the wonderful, honest charm of our best ethnic eateries, with cooking that taps into the uncompromised flavours of home but also a universal theme of nurturing and the pleasure gained from feeding others. Slurp a steaming spoonful of chicken and ginseng soup for instance, and you can be sure chef Kim (the person, not the place) wouldn’t do it any different at home. Submerged just below the surface of a clear broth, a whole chicken breaks apart easily to reveal a stuffing of sticky rice, garlic cloves, ginkgo and more. While the entree selection is small, there are many paths to go down from there. Beef short rib glistens in its house-made soy marinade, accompanied by a round platter split into compartments holding 10 different side serves.



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