Beef short ribs ㅣ Galbijjim

Beef short ribs ㅣ Galbijjim

Braised Short Ribs (2)Beef short ribs cooked in soy sauce seasoning with vegetables(carrot, pumpkin, eggplant, radish, zucchini, onion and spring onion)

Galbijjim is generally made with beef or pork short ribs. In the latter case, it is called dweji galbijjim

Galbijjim is typically served on traditional holidays and special occasions.

In contrast to the braising method typical of Western cooking, Koreans do not sear the ribs before braising them.

The ribs are first parboiled in water with aromatic vegetables and then braised in a sweet and savory braising liquid. Parboiling is a technique used to remove excess fat and blood from the ribs. Boiling the ribs in a small amount of water and using the resulting stock in the braising liquid.

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In traditional cuisine, galbijjim was traditionally eaten at Chuseok along with songpyeon, namul, taro soup, chestnut dumplings (밤단자), chicken jjim and autumn fruit. As galbijjim is usually made from only the center part of ribs from a calf while the rib ends used to make soup stock, galbi was more expensive than other cuts of beef in South Korea, and has been regarded as a high-class dish.

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