Marinated Beef ㅣ bulgogi

Marinated Beef ㅣ bulgogi

Stir-fried bulgogi (beef in soy sauce marinade) with different types of mushroom(oyster, button, shitake, enoki, shimeji)

Bulgogi is a Korean dish that usually consists of grilled marinated beef.



The word Bulgogi literally means fire meat in Korean, and is derived from the Pyongan dialect. It refers to marinated meat, (generally beef if used without a qualifier), cooked using traditional grilling techniques such as gridirons or perforated dome griddles that sit on braziers, unlike deep frying or boiling in water. The term is also applied to variations such as dak bulgogi (made with chicken) or dwaeji bulgogi (made with pork), depending on what kind of meat and corresponding seasoning are used.


Bulgogi is believed to have originated from Goguryeo(A dynasty 1700 years ago in Korea), when it was originally called maekjeok (맥적), with the beef being grilled on a skewer.[2][3] It was called neobiani(너비아니), meaning “thinly spread” meat,[4] in the Joseon Dynasty and was traditionally prepared especially for the wealthy and the nobility.


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