Garlic chicken

Garlic chicken

Garlic Chicken Marinated chicken in crushed fresh garlic for tenderness and flavour and pan-fried with sweet soy sauce topped with vegetables(green & red capsicum, shitake mushroom, carrot and onion) which represent obangsaek (five direction of colour)

Chef Kim has conducted various studies in order to harmonize the tastes of the East and the West people. The garlic chicken is one of them, it is getting a lot of love to all people.


Under article will good examples to prove this.

Saturday Magazine Article_ 2

Here is Chef Kim’s secret recipe and her story on SA Weekend with whole of the page. Thanks for your great support Dianne


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  1. I was looking for something different in Adelaide and Burnside and found this place on Google. Had the grilled chicken which was the best grilled chicken I’ve ever had. If there were a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu, I definitely take-away one.

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