menu – Entree

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Beef & Pork Mandoo (5 pieces) 8.5

Homemade pan-fried dumpling mix of Beef, pork, Kimchi, tofu, beansprout, chive, and served with soy sauce.

Fried Vegetables (3 pieces) (V) 7.5

Bunch of fried vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, onion) with light soy dressing.

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi pancake) 8

Crispy and spicy Kimchi pancake.

Haemul Jeon (Seafood pancake) 8

Savoury seafood pancake made with marinara mix and spring onion.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings (4 pieces) 7.5

Fried chicken wings marinated in herbs and fruits, and served with special sweet chilli sauce.

Fried Prawn (3 pieces) 8.5

Crumbed prawn served with lemon vinegared mayo sauce.

Teok Bok Ggi (V) 12.5  pepper

Korean traditional spicy rice cakes stew.

*Special dietary options are available,  please let us know to our friendly staff