menu – Rice / noodle

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Dolsot Bibimbap (V/GF) 19

The most popular Korean Rice dish served on stone pot, topped with bean sprout, carrot, cabbage, red cabbage, shitake mushroom, radish, zucchini and fried egg on the top. Served with chilli sauce on the side.

Option to add

Prawn 3.5

Beef/Chicken/Tofu 2.5

Chef Kim’s Fried Rice (V/GF) 12

Fried rice with vegetables and egg crepe on top

Jap Chae (Sweet potato noodles) (V/GF) 18

Stir-fried sweet potato noodles with mushrooms, spinach, carrot, onion in homemade soy sauce.

Option to add

Seafood (prawn, squid, mussel) 4

Beef 2.5

Tofu 2.5

Extra Sides
White Rice 3
Brown Rice 3

*Special dietary options are available,  please let us know to our friendly staff*